Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What to Wear on a Date

So that cute guy finally asked you out... and you run to your closet looking for something to wear. And then the unthinkable happens, although your closet is bursting at the seams, nothing catches your attention.

Ladies, relax keep in mind that yes, your outside appearance is very important, but your confidence, the way you carry and express yourself, will impress him more than that the latest Celine bag. If he's impressed by your latest Celine bag, then run for the nearest exit, PRONTO!!
Here are my top style tips for a hot date around town!

Check the weather, then you can prepare for what type of shoes to wear, the kind of outfit and specially the best way to style your hair. For instance, here are some tips on how to style your hair for a rainy day date, well you don't have to wait for a first date, you can use these tips right now:
A messy and flirty bun.
A high bun, well groomed bun.
A french braid bun, small "poof".
Side braids, picked up at the back
Classy ponytail.

This topknot is so HOT right now, but I think it's a man repellent, so I would AVOID on a first date. 

For additional hair styling ideas for a rainy day, or in general click here and here.

For a windy day, I would suggest a hair band, nothing too flashy, you don't want to look like a sixth grader or a lost hippie. Just keep hair from your face. Or you know what's going to are gonna get it all over your Mac lip gloss or lipstick and then you are going to be doing that hair off your face thing..not cute!
Headbands appropriate for different age groups.

Messy side bun with braid.

I L-O-V-E Audrina's side bun. So cute!
If you have skills, your' sh** ain't going no where!!

My go to for a rainy, windy and dirty hair day! Make sure accessories and make up compliment this drastic look.
(P.S. if you are OBSESSED with J-Lo's hairstyles, click here. There's a WHOLE website dedicated to her hair, yikes!)

NEXT ...
Groom, groom, groom...although some girls like the idea of using hairy legs as a form of contraception, I ain't down with that!  Not that you are predicting things will get that serious on a date, but it's better to be on the safe side.

Dress for the weather and for the proposed date idea..I wouldn't suggest wearing a sequin mini dress to a picnic, at least not until the 6th date!!

Here are some outfit ideas for affordable date clothing, which you can find at

Date idea: Dinner & Drinks




Guest of the guest date style ideas...maybe he wants you to attend his company's party, a fabulous party in the city..some amazing fete. Here we go!
Whatever the date idea might be don't forget to wear COMFORTABLE shoes. What if he wants to go for a walk? What if thinks are going  so well you decide to bar hop and the bars are located in a cobblestone road, and you are doing that i-hate-these-shoes-ouch-ouch-it's-pinching-my-blister walk! Not CUTE!

For more cute first date styles shop!

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