Friday, May 13, 2011

Inspirational Blogger

This post is not related to fashion, but about the human spirit.  I just finished watching a story on Abc's 20/20 on an inspirational blogger, Stephanie Aurora Clark Nielsen of the Nienie Dialogues.

Stephanie had a near death experience when she and her husband took a scenic plane ride that went terribly wrong. She was a vibrant mother of four and an avid blogger, blogging about motherhood and fun daily events, when the plane she was riding crashed and went up in flames.  The fire burned 80% of her body with third degree burns.  Her husband was also faced with major third degree burns, which affected 60% of his body.  Both have been struggling with their appearances as a result of the burns and undergoing major reconstructive surgery.

Here is a pic of the happy and courageous couple before the accident:

Here is a pic of the couple now:

Nie, really touched my heart during her interview. Her hardest challenge was facing her young children after being at the hospital for months. The fear she felt of her children's reaction to her disfigurement was heartbreaking.

The couple has dealt with the tragedy in a positive way. Their faith has grown and they continue to live life to the fullest for their children.  Truly inspirational.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Style Spotlight: Chicmuse

Well..not only do I try to blog as much as I can, but I also read a ton of blogs from the blogosphere out there. Actually, come to think of it, I should be spending more time writing than reading other people's blogs! Oh well.

If you are new to this whole blog thing, let me tell you it's the way the Internet is operating right now. Just think about what's happened to television with all the reality TV shows. Blogs are the new reality shows of the Internet.  You can pretty much find a blog on any topic.

There are a number of fashion bloggers who have become EXTREMELY successful with the help of a great camera and a killer outfit. One of these bloggers is Denni of Chicmuse. Not only do I love her style and her vintage collection, but she's got this mysterious aura that is so captivating.   And let's just say, she has mastered cat eyes, M-A-S-T-E-R-E-D!

Here are my top Denni looks from her awesome blog.

I need to own this in this lifetime !!! Vintage YSL cape 

Try your Denni style fashion sense with piece from today!!

What do you think about Denni's style?  Which one is your favorite outfit?  Do you have a favorite blog (besides this one of-course)? Do tell.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Met Gala

It came!!! The biggest fashion party of the year finally took place.

The Met Gala is the perfect stage for Hollywood's most fashionable stars..and those who are simply trying.  The night celebrated the genius that was Alexander McQueen, who has been recently celebrated all over the world.

I must say, I was disappointed by my all time fave, Nicole Richie and the super chic Leighton Meester! I know! I have to give it to Iman for pulling off an all sequin jumper! Although I love Beyonce, I am sooo sick of her trumpet dresses! She seems scared of taking risks. She's found what works for her and she CAN'T  let go!

On the Latin corner, Eva Mendes, J-Lo, Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek did not disappoint. But, Sophia Vergara's spring theme dress was a hot mess, no offense to Carolina Herrera.  Rosario Dawson's dress was definately something we have seen before and can picture someone like Angelina Jolie wearing. No me gusto!

Alicia Keys' accompanying jacket to her dress needed to stay behind in her town car. And finally the question on everyone's mind, what's Ciara doing there?!

See the pics below courtesy of People Style Watch, who also reported on the most popular trends of the night.  What do you think? Who was your fave and which trend will you be wearing at your next gala? Lol :)



Top Trends of the Night

Long Sleeve Hot Pink Dresses
Exaggerated Mermaid
Illusion Embroidery

Men's Wear

Fire Engine Red

Ombre Feathers
Long Sleeve White Dresses

Black Feathers

Heavy Tulle
Long Sleeve Nude Gowns 
Hair Pins