Friday, May 13, 2011

Inspirational Blogger

This post is not related to fashion, but about the human spirit.  I just finished watching a story on Abc's 20/20 on an inspirational blogger, Stephanie Aurora Clark Nielsen of the Nienie Dialogues.

Stephanie had a near death experience when she and her husband took a scenic plane ride that went terribly wrong. She was a vibrant mother of four and an avid blogger, blogging about motherhood and fun daily events, when the plane she was riding crashed and went up in flames.  The fire burned 80% of her body with third degree burns.  Her husband was also faced with major third degree burns, which affected 60% of his body.  Both have been struggling with their appearances as a result of the burns and undergoing major reconstructive surgery.

Here is a pic of the happy and courageous couple before the accident:

Here is a pic of the couple now:

Nie, really touched my heart during her interview. Her hardest challenge was facing her young children after being at the hospital for months. The fear she felt of her children's reaction to her disfigurement was heartbreaking.

The couple has dealt with the tragedy in a positive way. Their faith has grown and they continue to live life to the fullest for their children.  Truly inspirational.


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