Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Make Up Ideas-Lipstick Edition

 Now that fashion shows have wrapped up globally and spring fever has finally set in, I figured why not take a look at this seasons top make up trends fresh off the runways.

In my early twenties I spent a lot of money buying high-end make up brands.  Dior and Nars will always have a place in my heart.  I also found myself buying ridiculously shocking bright color eye shadows from MAC, the thought of wearing those nowadays makes me laugh.

I am now thirty years old and my make up budget has shifted. I have gone back to my teen years and I am finding an amazing selection of top make up trends at my local drugstore. Right now Revlon is really impressing me with their quality and the color selection. Looking through my make up bag for this post, I just stumbled across eight super hot shades, yikes! That's a lot of lipstick to get through. Anyway, here are my budget friendly spring shades. For under $8 you can be stylish and frugal, how fab!!

Check out these celebs wearing very similar shades to my frugal picks.

(Courtesy of Makeup Hope)


Wild Orchid

Berry Haute 


REVLON COLORBURST (my total fave)

This line has an amazing selection, and no Revlon ain't paying me for saying that! Here are some hot spring shades taking up space in my make up bag.
Baby Pink (MAC's Pink Friday for less)

True Red


I've been rocking this coral shade for a couple of months now and with the 70's making another comeback this spring, I anticipate we will be seeing a lot of this color. 

Check out a snapshot of the hottest lipstick trends seen on the runway:
(Curtesy of Makeup Hope)

I am desperately hunting for a budget friendly version of the neon pink lipstick featured at the Jil Sander show. As soon as I find an affordable close match, I'll post it! How about you? What colors will you be smooching with this spring?


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  1. All of these lip colors are so gorgeous!