Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cool Jewelry Storage Ideas

I am always looking for the best way to store my vintage and costume jewelry collection. I love chunky, expressive and over the top accessories, which unfortunately can take up a lot of much needed space. I hope you like these ideas.

The storage below is provided courtesy of bait and hook storage!! You can find bait supplies at most sporting goods stores or at the sporting goods section of your neighborhood super store, like a Walmart or Target. This is also a great way to transport your accessories while traveling. It prevents your accessories from getting all tangled. I also like this idea for everyday use. Since a lot of us girls don't own a lot diamonds, rubys and pearls, it prevents your mall store purchases from getting rusty! These bait storage solutions come in different colors and sizes and with different compartment options. 

(Courtesy of diyinherstilettos)

Courtesy of diyinherstilettos)

(Courtesy of diyinherstilettos)

Courtesy of diyinherstilettos

I treat some of my jewelry as art pieces. I am sorry, I just do! If you are like me, then why not dedicate a whole wall to your precious metals? This wall was created using 3M hooks, which you can find practically anywhere, from hardware stores to your local pharmacy. These hooks have come along way  and can now hold up to 10 or more pounds. But you really shouldn't put anything that heavy around your neck!!
(Courtesy of diyinherstilettos

Paper towel holders also provide a cool, linear storage solution giving you more counter or vanity space. Just make sure to store your current faves on top, so that you are not constantly dumping out everything on your bed and cursing the day you read this blog!

(Courtesy of diyinherstilettos)

(Courtesy of  apartmenttherapy)

I have also seen pill cases used to store smaller pieces, like studs or small rings. This storage idea also helps with your wardrobe planning, as you'll know exactly what earrings or rings to wear everyday of the week!

Ice trays are a very affordable storage solution, since the specialty store options can get kind of expensive. You can line a drawer with basic or fun vintage ice trays and your collection will always be cool! ( Get it?)
(Courtesy of Apartmenttherapy)

You can also use a coat rack or a an over the door towel rack to hang your necklaces. In the coat rack below, a small twine was tied from one hook to the next to provide extra hanging space for earrings. Brilliant!

(Courtesy of casasugar)

For a more shabby chic solution, you can try hanging earrings from a pretty tea cup or separate your gems by style in different style dishes and pretty bowls.

(Courtesy of pipnstuff)

(Courtesy of casasugar

If you are the super organized type, you can purchase these super cool wooden serving dishes and separate your accessories by style type. Oh so pretty!!

(Courtesy of casasugar

How about you, what cool jewelry storage idea are you currently using?

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  1. I have a couple of those hanging pocketed organizers.. they are super cheap - even thru Avon, and they come is ADORABLE colors and patterns.. like polka dots, paisley, toile.. and the pockets are clear so you can see right thru them!