Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Inspiration No. 2: Closet Organizing Ideas

Happy  St. Patrick's Day Everyone!!!

Today is a gorgeous day in the east coast, perfect day for cleaning out your closet.  Here are some tips for an organized, neat and fabulous closet.

I started off the spring inspiration sessions with celebrity closets. Now lets use those inspirations and add some organization techniques.

For an affordable closet re-design, consider Closet Maid. Their website is filled with ideas and you can actually design your closet online for a fraction of the cost of a celebrity closet.  If you can not plan on redesigning your closet, work with what you have. Start off with an inspiration from my celebrity closets and then plan out how you would like your closet to look. Just like blogger making it lovely did. 

First draw out a plan of how you would like to re-arrange your items.


Velvet hangers are great for closet space optimization. You can generally find them at your local Homegoods or Bed & Bath. They are a little more than your typical plastic hangers, but the extra money is worth the closet space. Trust me!

Sweaters tend to eat up A LOT of closet space. Always fold your sweaters so that they hold their shape.


Shoe storage is the hardest for me. Since I like to be able to see and admire my shoes. Here are some ideas for different types of spaces.

Floor to ceiling shelves. Don't forget the lighting.

Sliding drawers. This idea works great with flats and low heels.

Keeping shoes in their original boxes and adding  a digital picture of the shoe on the box.

Store shoes in plastic boxes and a picture of the shoe on the front of the box.

Special cubes for your babies! Purchase a storage unit like this one  right here at IKEA.

Boots. I'm just waiting for the day that I have the closet space to use boot shapers. I hate droopy, saggy tall boots, which unfortunately you can not control if you like to display your boots. You can find boot shapers all over the web. They are an investment, but if you like to keep your boots out all year round, they are worth the investment. A more affordable idea is to stuff your boots with old newspapers or tissue paper. 

Boot shapers come in many different styles. Plastic, cardboard, really depends on your budget.  You can buy inflatable boot shapers here. Plastic ones here from The Container Store. Cardboard shapers can be purchased or you can make your own using cereal boxes or the boxes your boots came in. For a tutorial on how to make your own cardboard boot shapers click here!

Please ignore the boots and only look at the shapers!!!


Belts are hard to store. If you have the extra drawer space and have a lot of belts consider rolling them up inside a drawer. In the past I have also used baskets. As long as you keep them organized you'll always find the right belt for that hot outfit. Just remember to roll them back up after you have used them.

Clutches are also a challenge. Think about stacking them one on top of the other or consider this genius idea from Nate Berkus. He used magazine holders to store his sister's clutches in her small apartment remodel.  Magazine holders come in sooo many different, super cute colors you can really get creative with these. I use this idea myself and it is GENIUS!

Dedicate one area of your closet or bedroom strictly to accessories. This way you'll know exactly where to go to put on the finishing touches.

Making It Lovely. 

Always hang your clothes according to their type, color and length. You can even get more specific and organize your clothes first by season and then create category for your items.

Making It Lovely.
If you have limited closet space, don't forget to use as much space of it as possible by building shelves all the way to the top and storing rarely used items or seasonal items on top. Sort of like this space:

For comfort and functionality, don't forget to add an ottoman or a chair to use when trying on shoes or deciding on an outfit. And most importantly, keep a full length mirror nearby to check yourself out!

Miley Cirus
I hope you enjoy your spring cleaning!! Just kidding, who the heck enjoys cleaning! Well, keep these ideas in mind for your closet remodel. What about you? What are some tricks you use to maximize closet space?


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  1. wow talking about effort! your post gave me such great ideas! I been having storage issues and now I'm gonna put your words to the practice! thanks, following you here and on fashiolista, thanks for checking and take the time to comment my blog xoxo