Friday, July 15, 2011

Blogger Spotlight: Jessica Quirk

I apologize for the lack of posts. I have been running around trying to enjoy this nice weather, but today I am back with a fantastic blogger spotlight, Jessica Quirk of What I Wore. You might think it's quirky (no pun intended, I swear), but this fashionista has been documenting her outfits daily since 2007!

With the help of her husband, Adam, she has turned her passion for fashion into a business with a highly visited blog, appearances and a new book out in July 2011, called "What I Wore: Four Seasons, One Closet, Endless Recipes for Personal Style", available on Amazon. Jessica combines vintage pieces with some "investment" pieces and makes work!

What I love about Jessica's style is that it is so versatile! She does an amazing job at combining the old with the new. Check out her blog for great style inspiration and shop to start your own daily outfit diary!

Here are some pics from her daily style. Do you keep a daily log of your outfits? What do you think about Jessica's fashion sense?


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